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Economic system, corporations, historic & global developments

Is our current economic system still working for most people? Is it true that companies are legal persons with the profile of psychopaths who can usually pay their way out of crime? Why we care about the share market. Could we reduce planned obsolescence without crashing the system? World-systems theory & analysis.

Information, education, media, deception, marketing & public relations

Information versus advertising? Where are the (legal) limits for lies, exaggeration, omission and self-censorship? Who are our current media watch dogs? What could responsible and fair marketing look like? Is education about creating tax payers or human/personal development? Examples of deception and spin. Documentaries, books and other sources exposing deception by many media, corporations and governments.

Science and technology

Is improved human health the highest priority for commercially funded research and pharmaceutical production? Has science been abused by corporations and corporate media? Do privacy and censorship in information technology (computers, mobiles phones, tablet PCs) matter? What limits scientific and technological progress?

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Security and fear

Liberty versus security? Is terrorism about destruction and killing or is it about creating fear? What should we really be afraid of? How do we know when fear is justified? Who benefits from a fearful population? Does life quality really continue to increase with continuous increase of security? If we are protected from everything what will we actually see and experience?

Social, cultural, spiritual & human rights issues

Where are the priorities in our life? Can equality go too far? Which countries suffer most from "social disorder"? Which cultures have (had) well functioning societies? What is a good measure for quality of life? Which are the best countries to live in?

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Human & animal health or changing nature

Pollution, global warming, vaccinations, food processing & additives, species extinction, animal torture and abuse, human footprint

People persuing powerful ideas - in the past and now

Let's post and discuss current and past social "engineers", system critics, investigative journalists, political/industrial/scientific reformers and other significant activists not enough people may know of - regardless if they do/did evil or good: Noam Chomsky, Edward Bernays, Hugo Chavez, Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Frederick Taylor, Chalmers Johnson, Naomi Klein ..

Good news: possible alternatives, solutions or current progress

Possible solutions: participatory economics, zeitgeist movement, new liberty.
progress: audition of the FED; privacy laws in Europe limit corporate power.
preparation: how to prepare for hyperinflation & economic collapse.

Off/new topic discussions

Anything you feel is not directly relevant to any of the categories above or waiting for an emerging new category or temporarily moved here by a moderator.

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