Watch this revealing video "The people versus corporations"* while our website is constructed:

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*Original title "Citizens united versus FEC". Source and similar movies:

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Corporations will continue to fool us if they remain powerful. Watch a few examples for intentional design to fail

in the past 100 years: "The light bulb conspiracy" or "Pyramids of Waste"


Presidential candidate Dr Ron Paul challenging Congress about raising the US debts to fix the debt problem instead of doing the right thing which is ... see video..

Unbelievable! RonPaul is interviewed after he nearly won(28 versus 27%) the most important straw poll elections in Ames, Iowa (August 2011)- but was totally ignored by mainstream media for the next days - he had even less exposure than normally.However, it seems this strategy is leading to "blow-back (John Steward at The Daily Show)



While other candidates would be understandably outraged Ron Paul remains focused on the important issues in this Fox News Interview about the media black out after his near win in the Iowa poll:



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alternatively have a look at the great collection of his videos: US Presidential candidate Ron Paul latest media appearances